Site-specific installation, 2018
(Dar Lasram, Medina of Tunis)

Emphasising on the manipulative yet transient essence of the perception of time and space, the work aims to investigate a continuous flux of change by letting organic reflections come to life successively. A simple system provides an opportunity for light to create invisibility while visibly inviting the work’s core elements into disappearance. The filters, the mirrors and the iron grids thus become mediators for video turned light to cast a painting which eventually continues to shift, and turns into another, momentarily. While the piece enables the visible that is present and the visible that is hidden to coexist, it also places elements which will succeed each other in natural order. Although abstract, the viewer is therefore drawn to create a narrative out of this semi-intentionally constructed illusion. As a mimesis of the ways in which we construct reality, the work portrays a continuum of realms that have barely had time to exist - And as in Baudrillard’s words; ‘when you begin to believe in them, they are already disappearing.